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Time Attendance


Our Time Attendance Software is one of the latest innovations, this particular software has more outstanding features which make the users more easy and comfortable to use sophisticated options and features. It is designed for ease-of-use and to minimize the amount of manual intervention. The system will calculate the employees' worked hours, incorporating multiple shifts, flexi-time, and rotating working patterns.

Time Attendance Benefits:
- Live monitoring
- Ethernet, WIFI and 4G
- Built-in backup battery
- Server push notification
- Capacitive touch screen
- Access control capability
- Local and cloud connectivity
- Overnight shift, multiple shift with rotation
- Face authentication, pin, card, palm & finger
- Mobile App attendance with face recognition & location
- Free schedule, no time table obligation
- First in - last out reporting
- Detailed in/out daily reporting
- Transportation report
- Absence reporting
- Manual editing for missing in/out transaction with exception mark
- Long range face detection with body temperature detection

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