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HD Surveillance Systems - Poland


Why our solution?

• Products Made in Europe
• European quality, Cost effective price
• A unique solution based on AHD cameras, it is a cost effective solution for
   Analog-AHD migration in the future
• Smart IR function
• A unique management software NMS
• Software with intelligent analytics:
   - Plate car recognition
   - VCA Video analytic form VCA cameras
• Possibility of change and adaptation to customer needs
• Hybrid solutions, compatibility with analogue recorders and IP AHD, many unique
  features, sleepyhead play after logging in two users, playing only the last x hours …
• Integration Software platform for all security platform: VENO with compatibility with
   many systems NOVUS ,SATEL, Polon ALFA, Siemens, Kantech, Kade, DSC, Texecom,
   Honeywell and any another system we can integrate.
Integration platform with:
• Video surveillance solutions: IP, CCTV, Hybrid, AHD and development software for
• Fire alarm
• Intruder alarm
• Access control