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Hotel Door Management - Europe


Because hotel lock system is not just for opening doors, then are you looking for:
1- Making your hotel famous? 
2- Increasing your occupancy rate?
3- Impressing the tourists to preach about your hotel?

Why integrated hotel management system?
1- It integrates with any third part system / device such as AC, Fire Alarm, lift, parking ….
2- It increases guest’s comfort and the sense of privacy by facilitating the communication with the hotel staff
3- It reduces the energy consumption thanks for the intelligent saving energy feature
4- It increases the safety of the whole hotel, both guests and staff members
5- It provides the tools to control the quality of the hotel’s staff efforts

Call us to transform your classical hotel to an integrated one!

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Where it is installed:
- Chtaura Park Hotel, Chtaura 

- Safat Hotel, Bhamdoun 

- Al Cheikh Hotel, Verdum 

- Whimpy Hotel, Hamra 

- Hotel Tabarja, Tabarja 

- Saint Diego, Tabarja

- Miramar, Batroun 
- SOL, Dora

- Ailout Hotel, Mar Roukouz

- Monoberge Hotel, Jbeil

- Rmeich Hotel, Rmeich
- Burj On Bay Hotel, Tabarja
- Green Lake Hotel, Jezzine
- Tulip Hotel, Jnah