Solutions - ESSE

  • Intrusion Alarm Systems

    We are proud to be the only company in Lebanon that provides a wide range of Anti-Burglary
    solutions for all budgets & from small homes/offices to big buildings/malls/banks ... etc

    Standalone alarm solutions can be installed by the client himself in 10 minutes

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    Cost effective GSM alarm system
    • Manage your home/business while away
    • Remote monitoring/controlling/programming
    • Free call arming/disarmig
    • Two-way voice intercom

    High end solution for advanced applications

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    Integrated intrusion alarm solutions

    • The only fully integrated IP platform for security & Domotics
    • Web server and floor plans included
    • No need for additional hardware modules or software license
    • Elegant design, technology innovation, simply unique
                                              • VLBL: very long battery life for wirless operation
                                              • Windows, Mac, Unix & Android compatibility
                                              • Integrated with any Onvif IP camera

    Outdoor Protection: is it possible?

    Thanks for the new solution from ESSE for the residential boundary protection that allows you to secure your housing/villa/apartment while staying at home.
                                              • Wireless technology to be installed even in finished premises
                                              • Two technologies, Microwave and IR to avoid any kind of false alarm
                                              • Two working frequencies, 433 and 866 MHz to avoid any interference
                                              • Easy to install, two hours are enough for installation
                                               Simply it is a unique solution