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  • Fire Alarm

    We provide the latest fire detection technology for any fire source,
    visible smoke, heat, flame and combined

    Self contained home smoke detector

    It is a residential standalone smoke detector, designed to detect visible smoke at the start of a fire's flameless stage, it enables early detection of a fire in a small residential facilities. Its operation is based on measuring infra-red (IR) light scattered by smoke particles (Aerosol) entering the measuring chamber which is inaccessible to external light. Built 85 dB buzzer, 9 V DC battery operated.

    Optical smoke detector

    It is a smoke detector designed to detect visible smoke at the start of a fire's flameless stage, when materials start to smoulder, and therefore generally, a long time prior to the appearance of an open flame and a noticeable rise in temperature. Its operation is based on measuring infra-red (IR) light scattered by smoke particles. The main element of the detector is an optical module, consisting of an electro-luminescence diode emitting (IR) radiation and a photo-diode being the receiver of the radiation.
    Note: our smart detectors are able to measure (on a chart) the fire factor like the amount of smoke in particular room and can check as well the dirtiness percentage of its measurement chamber.

    Flame detector

    The flame detectors are designed for detection and signalisation of a flame ignition in case of fire hazard. It reacts to UV flame radiation, it is resistant of all sources of artificial lights, it detects the flame before growing into fire.

    Heat detector

    It is a heat (temperature) detector designed to detect a fire hazard in rooms, during the first phase of a fire where a rapid rise of temperature may occur, or where temperature may exceed a defined danger level. It is a universal heat detector, which can be programmed to operate as a fixed temperature or fixed/rate of rise heat detector.

    Multi-sensor detector

    It's a combined (optical smoke and heat) detector designed for detection of a smoke and a rise in temperature concurrent with a fire at its early development stage. These two sensors allow for the use of the detectors in closed space where in case of a fire there is a visible smoke or a rise in temperature or where both of these factors appear simultaneously.

    Heat and flame detector

    It is a multi-detector heat and flame, designed to detect and signal a source of a fire in areas where there is a rise in temperature and visible flame. Application of two sensors: heat and flame makes the detector more resistant to disturbances and minimise possible initiation of false alarm. Both sensors constitute a smart detector, which is sending information about fire factor sources subjected to analysis and evaluation of a fire hazard by the microprocessor controlling the detector.

    Wired and wireless

    It is a radio wireless detector designed for early detection of a fire in premises, where wiring connection is not possible. Each receiver can support up to 16 wireless radio detectors.

    Smoke beam detector

    It is a smoke beam detector designed for smoke detection at the start of the fire, it's specially suitable for protection of indoor large spaces, where the hight is up to 11 meters. It consists of an infra-red (IR) light transmitter and a receiver located in a single housing and a prism reflector, operation of the beam smoke detector is based on an analysis of air optical transparency in the space between the detector and the prism reflector.

    Fire alarm panel

    • Conventional panel from 1 zone up to 24 zones
    • Addressable panel from 1 loop up to 8 loops
    • Up to 4000 addresses
    • Built-in LCD for easy day-to-day operation and system programming
    • Supports PC virtual panels