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  • Roger Access Control Solutions

    Main Features :

    • Up to 1,000 controllers per system.
    • On and Offsite monitoring.
    • Elegant and modern design of products.
    • Products with different complexity levels, starting with the
       simplest locks or proximity card readers and ending with
       RACS4 Networked Access Control System.
    • Up to 250 networks per individual access control system.
    • Reliable, robust, functional and cost effective products.
    • Thousands of successfully implemented access control in EU,
       Middle East and Far East.
    • Free of charge software, available in multiple language versions.

      Where it is installed

    Added Value Features:

    • CCTV Integration: The access control software enables quick playback
       of recorded video clips for events occurring in the access control system
       ( access granted, access denied, alarm ... etc ), thanks for this feature that
       allows the user to search quickly the identity of card holder.

    • Passive long range reader up to 90 cm reading conveniant for open air parking :
       - No need to pull down windows.
       - Reduce risk of robbery at car point.
       - It is available in two models, outside car plate tag & inside car proximity card.

    • Intrusion Alarm Integration: Ability to Arm/Disarm the intrusion alarm system
       from any controller with the possibility to do partial arming from the access reader.

    • T&A Integration: The RCP Master allows for creation of worktime and attendance reports    based upon the event log imported from CSV and XML text file formats. The employee    worktime (attendance time) is calculated according to the specific rules defined by the
       program operator, taking into account defined earlier worktime calendars. This program
       is dedicated to Human Resources Departments in small and medium-sized companies
       and is offered with a license for 50, 250 and 500 employees. Also, there are single and
       multi-station versions available.                                                                                                                                 Click to enlarge

       Demo version can be used for the purpose of evaluation and testing free of charge during first 60 days after installation.
       T&A trial demo software   (click to download)

    • Biometric Device Integration: It's used where the customer needs a high security level of
       access control. Our fingerprint can store up to 1500 templates in its memory.

    • Hotel Locks System Integration: Access controller for hotel applications is constituted
       of one inside room controller built-in EM 125 kHz proximity reader with card holder and    outside room proximity reader. The controller output line can be activated as long as any
       authorized proximity card is in the holder, which keeps feeding the room by power AC.
       Thanks for this new solution which gives customers an online hotel locks system.

      Integration with hotel application

    • Outdoor LED Matrix Display: LED matrix display with clock for outdoor applications.
       ASCD-1 can display time, date and temperature, the time & date are piloted from the
       access control management system.

    • Parking System Integration: It is the only recycable plastic card parking solution in the
       Click for more details