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26 Dec

RACS v5.3 is now available

The most significant improvements of RACS 5.3:
- Added: Authorization modes which enable access conditioning by remote
- Confirmation of authorized operator or local confirmation of authorized user
- Added: Object indication for Logging options at Access Point
- Added: Random personal check at Access Point
- Added: Support for APERIO (ASSA ABLOY) wireless locks
- Added: Support for SALLIS (SALTO) wireless locks
- Added: Output control by schedule
- Added: Event registering for input, function key and Local Command activation
- Added: Automation Node triggering with individual time parameters depending on the source of node activation
- Changed: VISO licensing based on Access Users instead of Access Credentials
- Released: VISO Web app for system management with web browser
- Released: VISO Mobile app (Android) for system management with mobile device
- Updated: CCTV integration
- Added: Support for MD70 terminal camera
- Added: Dedicated output functions for doorbell at Access Point and Access Door